A Year’s Change in Haikuths

I posted these Haikuths to Facebook almost exactly a year ago:

Optimism good
But not normalization
Of many bad things

Have learned the hard way
Being Right and doing right
Certainly not same

Most are good people
Silencing and shaming them
Won’t help truth prevail

Listening then talk
Empathy is the only way
Learn from my mistakes

Must judge each other
In light of what they suffer
Not just their actions

It’s a tough balance
Recognizing we all sin
Fighting for the light.

And here we are a year later in 2017 and this is the best I could come up with recently. And mind you, they’re tampered down! I wish they were more inspiring, but they’re not. It is what it is.

Proud American?
Grateful for my privilege
But not proud of “US”

White Supremacist
Elected as President
Extremism Rampant

Deny Climate Change
As its consequence unfolds
now even at home

Executive Branch
Choked by Narcissistic Despot
With mind of toddler

Policies are now
Meant to subjugate women
or fill few pockets

Per the GOP
Only straight white people and
“Christians” deserve help

All rest can slave for
Pseudo Jesus loving class
They are hashtag “blessed”

Obsessed with right to own guns
Breeds home terrorists

Everything is so
Politicized such that few
Can hoard more money.

Everyone at top
Should repeat Kindergarten
Learn basic kindness

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