About Dr. Shannon Tapia MD

Hi everyone, in case you’re wondering who the heck I am and why I am joining the masses in blogging, here’s there quick and dirty.  I grew up in Denver, CO.  My father is also a Geriatrician (it’s pretty rare to have a parent-child combo in Geriatrics……..we might be the only one in the country, I don’t know).  I was fortunate to get to attend Notre Dame (go IRISH!) for undergrad, Loyola Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago for medidcal school, and then did my residency in Family Medicine and a fellowship in Geriatrics in Lancaster, PA.  While in medical school, I met and married my husband (another med student) and then had our only child while still in 4th year.  We still graduated on time and managed to survive both parents doing residency (the husband is in Anesthesia) away from family or known friends (initially) with an almost one year old at the start.  We are newly Texans for my husband’s job.  After getting to see literally every aspect of medicine by both experiencing a broad based training, practicing in settings people frequently don’t get to (nursing homes, actual homes, outpatient, hospital) and being married to another physician in a vastly different field, I’ve been exposed to a lot.  It’s been an inside look at the good and the bad of our healthcare system.  I also really just love people, seriously.  Ok sometimes I don’t, but in general I believe more people are good and want to help the world than not.  I’m a people person.  So now that my life is settling out a bit (my son is 7 and more independent now), I figured I’d take to the internet to help spread the love in the form of education and worthy ideas.  I hope you enjoy.

P.S.  I really stink at wordpress.  I mean really.  I’ve already committed, this blog is a WP site and that’s not changing.  But honestly, this world of computers and code and calling things “widgets” is absurd.  I already know Spanish and medical speak, I have no interest in jamming another language into my brain.  But alas, I am trying anyhow.